medical clothing

The last page of clothing history,  
as a purely everyday phenomenon   has long been written.

Elegance and functionality — main features of modern medical fashion. Combination of sanitary and protective functions, practicality, attractiveness and individuality. Patients will feel that their health is in safe hands!

Medical clothing from « Provestis » ;, comfortable, functional, beautiful and durable!

In production we use   fabrics   famous European trade mark &??nbsp;   « Tootal fabrics »     ( Holland ) , which produces a wide range of materials for corporate and work wear. Their quality   and safety are confirmed by international certificates ISO and Oeko-Tex. We deliberately do not offer our customers products from cheap raw materials, since the cheapness of goods is achieved by using   low-quality materials of dubious origin, as well as very cheap dyes. As a rule, these raw materials and dyes do not meet any elementary sanitary standards. They are often the   cause of allergies and irritations upon contact with human skin and upon inhalation of tissue micro-fluff, and   dyes contain carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer over time. Such fabrics never have international Oeko-Tex hygiene certificates. We apply the same high quality standards to seemingly insignificant details: threads, buttons, finishing materials and adhesives.